4 Benefits of a Universal Remote

December 14, 2018 8:19:20 AM PST

After a long day of working, chasing the kids around, cooking meals, and doing laundry, wouldn’t it be nice if just ONE thing in life was simple? When you are finally sitting down on the couch for your few precious moments of relaxation – whether those moments are spent reading a book or catching up on your latest Netflix binge addiction – it would be awesome if you didn’t have to put effort, time, and thought into relaxing.

Well, now you don’t. No longer do you have to sit down on the couch and fumble between 50 different remotes to try to find which one controls the audio and which one controls the Netflix and which one knows how to turn the TV to the right input and well screw this let’s just go to bed it isn’t worth the effort!

You’ve worked hard, you deserve your relaxation time – and with a universal remote you can get it. Let’s take a look at just how.


One Remote To Rule Them All

Take a look at your pile of remotes. How many are there? If you have more than one, that’s too many. Are you ready for one of the best parts of a universal remote? Take all of the remotes you have and throw them in a box. Hide that box deep in some closet somewhere and forget about it. FOREVER.

Now, take out your nice, shiny new universal remote. Not only did you just reduce a bunch of clutter, but you have totally simplified and streamlined your electronic control system! Even better, your universal remote can also control things like lightings, shading, and house temperature. You reduced your remotes, yet added features. Baller.


Customize Your Control

Now that you’ve reduced your remote pile from one trajillion to one, you probably think that you’re living the high life. “Things could not get better! Good thing I listened to that blog I read on my favorite local store’s site,” you say to yourself as you sip some Dos Equis.

Don’t call it a hard day’s work yet, however. Take your universal remote – say Control4’s SR-260 – and get ready for it to do even more work for you. It’s customizable, so wield it like Excalibur, and set it up to control what you want how you want with custom buttons.

Of course, if you need help customizing your remote – or setting up your integrated electronics system – you know who to call. No, not Ghostbusters. Us, of course!


The Way of the Voice

Pushing buttons is so 2015. If you actually want to experience true control and convenience at the same time, all you need to do is speak up! With a universal remote like the Savant Pro Remote, your voice becomes the gateway for your remote’s features. Now, things truly are just as easily said as done.

Wherever You Are

There’s nothing worse then getting your whole A/V system set up, only to realize that there’s something blocking your remote from your devices – maybe it’s a cabinet door? Yeah, we’ve had that happen. It stinks.

Well, it’s not something you have to worry about anymore. For example, if you use Universal Remote Control’s MX-780 with a Complete Control Base Station, you can control devices through barriers – even walls – no matter where you are. If you wanted to turn the TV on while you were outside mowing the lawn, you could. Why would you want to do that? Who knows. But it’s possible, and that’s all that matters.


Of course, whether you are looking for a universal remote control, or are in the market for new devices for said remote to control, always remember that we’re the top local integrator in town! No matter what custom electronics solutions you are looking for, we’re always glad to help you get the best A/V set up possible!

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