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About Audio Video Intelligence

Founded in 1995 by James Shapiro and Allan Waldorf, Audio Video Intelligence is approaching its 21st year of operation. Willing to take on any electronic endeavor no matter how great or small, we will work with you to design a system that fits any architecture, application, or budget. Our innovative showroom is full of design ideas and, as always, our friendly staff is here to assist you with any questions you may have.


Our mission is to deliver quality work and quality products; to address and solve any problems quickly and effectively; to enhance customer lifestyles with emerging technologies and to always exceed customer expectations.


Our core philosophy of doing business has never changed; it is to cater to all clientele and supply our great service to all of our customers. Our service and products are our calling card and that is why we have such a high percentage of referrals.


Our company is headquartered in Easton, MA, only a half hour south of Boston and about forty minutes north of Providence, RI. Our innovative showroom showcases some of the most popular electronic equipment used in our theater installations and gives our customers the ability to view high-end electronics in an actual living environment. The showroom consists of several full-functioning living spaces, including home cinema, gaming theater, bistro bar, and living room vignette.


Audio Video Intelligence works with Larry’s Custom Woodworking to provide our clients with custom cabinetry, home entertainment furniture, and flat panel television frames. Audio Video Intelligence is also part partner with Folsom Power & Light for electrical support. For information on these services or for pricing, please contact us by phone at 508.238.1930.


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