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IC Realtime Security Solutions is a leading supplier of security cameras, IP Cameras, DVR, and CCTV equipment for business and home surveillance. When it comes to your belongings and the people you love, peace of mind is priceless. Life can be unexpected. Equip your home with the ability to update you on smoke, fire, motion, or breaking glass and protect what matters. Keep an eye on your valuables 24/7 with IC Realtime Security Solutions professional security systems.

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Analog Systems

The heritage of the CCTV system. Analog surveillance includes Analog cameras producing standard definition composite video output, Digital Video Recorder (DVRs) Systems to record the Analog video via Coaxial cable and BNC connections. While somewhat outdated, these devices are still widely prevalent in the field as existing installations.

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Intercom Systems

The first solution from ICRealtime that is not entirely surveillance based. The Intercom Systems series includes two types of devices: an External Camera (VTO: Video-Talk-Outside) as well as an internal Monitor and Conference Station (VTH: Video-Talk-House). In addition, the VTO device includes capabilities to integrate with magnetic door locks, access control interfaces, and gate systems allowing remote door unlocking via the VTH device or ICR client software.

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The industry's latest HD video over coaxial cable technology: HD-AVS. HD-AVS devices (cameras and recorders) are relatively new technology, which enables customers to utilize existing coaxial cable to connect HD-AVS cameras, enabling HD Video over coaxial cable, at an extremely aggressive pricepoint. This signal format and type is relatively new, and is a direct competitor to other formats such as HD-TVI and AHD.

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IP Systems

While other products may have an IP interface, the 'IP Systems' product category is specifically designated for systems involving IP Cameras, and Network Video Recorders (NVRs). These systems are by far the most common use case, and are the most widely prevalent type of CCTV systems around. Networking and TCP/IP knowledge is required to be successful with these sorts of systems, especially from a supporting role. Cameras are connected to network switches uses Network Category cable, and RJ-45 connections.